Donation to VLIC

Tax Deductible Donation

Yes, I love the idea and want to help Valley Life Improvement Center (VLIC) build their online counseling solution!
I understand my donation is tax deductible and that that VLIC will keep me up to date on their progress.
Financial contributions will be going towards the building our technology, get our web site up and train new counselors.


We are looking for on purpose individuals who want to be involved in disrupting traditional psychology based counseling and help turn this vision below into a reality.  We are looking for business leaders to join our advisory board and offer their services, people to join the team and financial donations.

We are seeking donations to launch this non-profit counseling platform which includes building our technology, web site, train counselors and every contribution helps get our plan into reality.

Your donations are tax deductible and you will receive a commendation for your donations and efforts.  Every contribution is important.

You will have the satisfaction of having helped countless thousands to live better lives and having made a better world, making auditing a viable business and thereby filling org Academies.  You will be kept informed as to how your donations are being spent and the lifesaving results.

Thank you for your donation.


Send us a comment about how else you would like to contribute to the cause.