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Joe and Annette Hochman attending a recent charity event

Joe and Annette Hochman

About Joe and Annette:

Joe and Annette Hochman have been in practice since 1968 and 1970 respectively, successfully counseling thousands of individuals, couples and families to achieve happiness, better relationships, life and career goals, personal freedom, freedom from depression and anxiety and ability to tap their genius. They have made it their life’s work and after nearly a combined century of experience they have isolated the easy lessons and simple key actions that you can do and that is the Happy Life Kit.

Their client list includes corporate CEOs, New York Times best selling authors, movie, TV and music stars, an Academy Award winner and Academy Award nominee, Grammy winners, doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses, pilots and teachers and others who come to them for their friendly assistance.


joe-beach2Joe was born in Washington, DC and Annette on a farm near Paradise Hill, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Their continuing education has never ended and they are still classmates.  Joe still carries Annette’s books home from school.  They have been partners since 1980 and married since 1982.   They have 3 successful adult children.  They live and have offices in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

Joe is President of and Annette is Vice President of Valley Life Improvement Center, a non-profit public benefit corporation organized and operated under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Services of the Valley Life Improvement Center

  • Happiness Programs for Relationships. If you follow the instructions and read or watch or listen to and apply these materials you will be happier or your money back.

  • Individual counseling to repair your life, erase depression, anxiety and sadness so that you can be happy again.

  • Individual and couples relationship counseling to restore the love without the drama.

  • Career and work consulting that gives personal freedom to achieve your goals. Free your genius, improve your memory, study faster, bounce back from failure and be able to use what you learn and stop holding yourself back. Vital for entrepreneurs.

  • Sauna sweat out program to cleanse the toxins from your body. If you are being poisoned all the time you won’t feel very happy.

Happiness and Success Others have Achieved

Thank You!!  I have never been happier!

I feel more in communication with the people I encounter and with my
surroundings. I am not out of present time at all any more. I feel
overall like I have completely changed my outlook on life!

Lynda R.
Los Angeles

What you have done for our daughter is nothing short of a miracle! She is happy! I haven’t see her happy since she was seven years old and she is now in her 20s. She has a new outlook.

Thank you so much!

Lisa's Parents

I feel a lot happier!  I can see better, I sleep better, I’m more in the present.  I love being happy without a reason.  Thank you all for helping me.


Thanks So much!

I have been walking round with a lot of noise in my universe and uncertainty as to what to do.
Joe really helped me and I now feel better that I have in some time.
I now have more clarity on what to do and less mental noise in the way.

Tom S.
North Hollywood

I have a clearer focus on my life, a better understanding of what I want to accomplish and a plan. I feel more capable of achieving my newly realized goals as I am not so weighed down. I am uplifted. My chronic depression has all but disappeared. I feel generally happier and purposeful. My relationship has been very even these last few months. The emotional roller coaster ride appears to be over. I am very pleased with my results and have enjoyed meeting with Joe and all his help.

Public Relations Executive

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